About Sharkny

We enable organizations to continuously – and affordably – monitor the health and performance of their business.
How do we do that?
We make it fast, easy and affordable (just $20/month/user) for business users to build and share real-time dashboards – making it possible for them to move from course-correcting once a quarter to continuously optimizing their business.
What kind of company is Klipfolio?
Klipfolio is a start-up with analytics-minded, friendly, active, and socially conscious people, driven by a passion for what we’re doing and the results our customer’s achieve. We talk with and help our customers every day, and we thrive on making them successful. We've just started a new chapter in our story and we're growing rapidly. Interested in working for us?

● Responsive Android application.
● Fetch data from the Internet with sharkny API.
● Using view pager .
● offline data persistence.

Android UI Fundamentals - TabletIntents
offline data persistance - shared preferences

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