The application is focused on building the first social media plat form in the world that is concerned with finding outing places, organizing outings and make prepaid reservations for all target segments starting from 12 years old and up.

The combination between the social media communication between friends and the easiness of finding the best places to hang out at, will make it much easier for users for organizing their outings and go to any place and find the table is ready and the food is served, this is a new era of the e-life in the world. The many categories that will be covered under this application will make it very easy to the user to find the best deal by a click of a button. Categories like: Tourism Places, Restaurants, Cinemas, Sports, Meeting Rooms, Weddings, Kids outings, shopping spots, adult games, safaris …

This application will almost delete the waiting lists of people want to go out for an outing or want to reserve a chair in a theater or a soccer game, it also will have a major enhancement on the tourism business in the countries that are relying on tourism in the national income. Tourists can make their search and organize their full trip and the places they would go before even reaching the country they are going.

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